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Last Modified: 05/12/2015


NOTE: All Wallpapers are on the outer edge of your webpage. If you are unable to see the entire Wallpaper, your screen resolution or the size of the webpage within the browser is set too large or your browser window is closed down to far. Try making your webpage smaller by using a Command (MAC) Control (PC) - (minus sign). This makes the page smaller and the Wallpaper will come into view. Or open your browser window wider, if possible.

For Escenic sites, the Wallpaper needs special consideration. Since the Escenic site is much wider than all other sites, the Wallpaper will not be completely visible to most viewers. We strongly suggest that you do not sell wallpapers as stand-alone ads. Make them complementary to other ads sizes within the same page -- 300x250, a pencil ad, a sliding billboard, a floorboard, etc. This will give them a stronger presence for the advertiser.

Clickable Wallpaper - Images

Ad Size Creative Types Max File Size Sites Behavior
Two panels
Max 300px wide
Max 1200px high
Static images only
No animation
No video/audio
each panel
and Escenic
• Panels are stationery and do not scroll with the page
• Panels will line up just below the masthead
NOTE: Panel images should be sent directly to AdOps Traffic, which bypasses the need to use AdInterax. The two panels are trafficked to DIVs placed on either side of the web page. These panels will always line up just below the header and as the consumer scrolls down the page, the ad scrolls too. That means that this version of Wallpapers can be longer than others, if desired, because the bottom of the ad can be seen when the user scrolls down the page.

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