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Last Modified: 09/03/2015

Local Newspaper Sites - Ad Sizes

REMINDER: Pay close attention to the platform your market is using (Aurora/Classic Responsive or Escenic) in regards to the specs below.

Banner Ads

Ad Size Pixel Size GIF/JPG/PNG
Max File Size
Max File Size
Escenic or Aurora/Classic
Leaderboard 728x90 40k 40k Both
Medium Rectangle 300x250 40k 40k Both
Phone Banner 320x50 15k 15k Both
Half Page 300x600 60k 60k Both
Ruler 300x100 40k 40k Both
Masthead Banner** 234x60 30k 30k Escenic
Skyscraper 120x600 40k 40k Aurora/Classic
Wide Skyscraper 160x600 40k 40k Aurora/Classic
Vertical Banner 120x240 30k 30k Aurora/Classic
Cube 160x90 15k 15k Aurora/Classic
Navbar* 100x25 10k N/A Aurora/Classic

*The Nav Bar Button can be sold at the local level, but can be pre-empted by a National sale.
**The Masthead Banner cannot have any animation.

Rich Media / Video

Ad Type: Non-Interstitial Detailed Ad Specs Escenic or Aurora/Classic
Billboard See Billboards Both
Wallpaper See Wallpaper Both
Corner Peel See Corner Peels Both
Expanding See Expanding Ads Both
Floorboard See Floorboards Both
Fly-Out See Fly-Outs Both

Ad Type: Interstitial Detailed Ad Specs Escenic or Aurora/Classic
Pop-Up/Pop-Under See Pop-Up/Pop-Under Both
Between the Page See Between the Page Both
Floating See Floating Ads Both
Mobile Responsive Interstitial See Apps & Mobile Websites Both
Video - In-Banner See In-Banner Video Both

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