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Last Modified: 11/20/2014

Local Newspaper Sites - Ad Sizes

REMINDER: Pay close attention to the platform your market is using (Aurora/Classic Responsive or Escenic) in regards to the specs below.

Banner Ads

Ad Size Pixel Size GIF/JPG/PNG
Max File Size
Max File Size
Escenic or Aurora/Classic
Leaderboard 728x90 40k 40k Both
Medium Rectangle 300x250 40k 40k Both
Phone Banner 320x50 40k 40k Both
Half Page 300x600 60k 60k Both
Ruler 300x100 40k 40k Aurora/Classic
Skyscraper 120x600 40k 40k Aurora/Classic
Wide Skyscraper 160x600 40k 40k Aurora/Classic
Vertical Banner 120x240 30k 30k Aurora/Classic
Cube 160x90 15k 15k Aurora/Classic
Navbar* 100x25 10k N/A Aurora/Classic

*The Nav Bar Button can be sold at the local level, but can be pre-empted by a National sale.

Rich Media / Video

Ad Type: Non-Interstitial Detailed Ad Specs Escenic or Aurora/Classic
Billboard See Billboards Both
Wallpaper See Wallpaper Both
Corner Peel See Corner Peels Both
Expanding See Expanding Ads Both
Floorboard See Floorboards Both
Fly-Out See Fly-Outs Both

Ad Type: Interstitial Detailed Ad Specs Escenic or Aurora/Classic
Pop-Up/Pop-Under See Pop-Up/Pop-Under Both
Between the Page See Between the Page Both
Floating See Floating Ads Both
Mobile Responsive Interstitial See Apps & Mobile Websites Both
Video - In-Banner See In-Banner Video Both
Video - Walk Out See Walk Out Video Aurora/Classic

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